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Fabric Structure


The fabric is light and thin, adopts SMS structure, with a melt-blown layer in the middle, which has good protection performance against general dust particles.

Protective Class

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Non-woven fabric binding, compared with ordinary sewing seams, increases the seam strength and better protects against particulate matter.

Product Features

The product adopts the SMS composite process of microfiber technology, which is specially designed for particle protection and has sound. At the same time, the application field is more extensive.

  • It can effectively protect the particles in the aerosol. It can filter more than 99.9% of the particles with a diameter of fewer than 3 microns.
  • No silicone oil, no formaldehyde, and other toxic and harmful substances. Meet the requirements of GB24539-2021 Standard Type 5 for wear resistance, seam strength, flex resistance, puncture resistance, and other properties.
  • Performance test of the inward leakage rate of solid particles that meets the requirements of GB24539-2021 Standard Type 5
  • The product’s color is white and blue, and the inner edge is white, which improves the high visibility requirements on specific occasions.
  • The seams are hemmed to increase the firmness and shielding performance of the product.
  • Comfortable and safe style design improves wearing comfort.

Product Applications

General Cleaning
Industrial production and assembly operations
Industrial Production And Assembly Operations
Asbestos Working Environment
Protection Against Dust, Liquid Dirt
Repair and Maintenance
Pharmaceutical Production And Operation
Electronic Assembly

Product Parameters

Test ItemsTest ResultClassEvaluate
Wear resistance11 timesClass OneQualified
Seam strength150NClass FourQualified
Flex damage resistance510 TimesClass OneQualified
Puncture resistance7NClass OneQualified
High temperature performanceWarp: 1.2%/ Weft: 0.3%/Qualified
Low temperature resistanceWarp: 4.8%/ Weft: 3.1%/Qualified
Tear strengthWarp: 100N/ Weft: 46NLevel 5/Level 3Qualified
Inward leakage rate of solid particles≤ 12.9%/Qualified

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