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Fabric Structure

Protective Class

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Product Features

  • No silicone oil, no formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances.
  • Meet the Q10100JSQ001-2023 standard of wear resistance, seam strength, flex resistance, puncture resistance and other properties.
  • The product color is white, which improves the high visibility requirements in specific occasions
  • Comfortable and safe style design improves wearing comfort.

Product Applications

General Cleaning
Asbestos working environment
Protection from dust, liquid and dirt
Repair and Maintenance
Pharmaceutical Production and Operation
Electrical assembling

Product Parameters

Test itemsTest ResultslevelEvalution
Wear resistance11 timesLevel 1Pass
Seam strength90NLevel 3Pass
Flex damage resistance510 timesLevel 1Pass
puncture resistance7NLevel 1Pass
High temperature performanceWarp: -0.8%/ Weft: -0.3%/Pass
Low temperature resistanceWarp: 11.4%/ Weft: 3.9%/Pass
Tear strengthWarp: 58N/ Weft: 41NLevel 3/Level 3Pass
breaking strengthWarp: 95N/ Weft: 72NLevel 2/Level 2Pass

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