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The fabric is a composite  fabric of high-performance barrier film and wood pulp composite non-woven fabric synthesized by multi-layer materials, which has excellent protection performance against organic, inorganic chemicals and biological media; wood pulp composite non-woven fabric fabric is comfortable wood pulp The combination with polyester has a strong moisture absorption function, which can better absorb the sweat produced by the human body due to wearing, suitable for summer and high temperature
The effect is particularly obvious in high temperature environments, and meets the requirements of Type3 and Type4 standards.

  • The products can be used for the treatment and transportation of chemicals and hazardous waste, and are also widely used in petrochemical, chemical manufacturing and biochemical protection and other fields.
  • Can effectively protect a variety of liquid chemicals
    No silicone oil, no formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances
  • Meets EN1149-5 antistatic requirements
  • Meet the puncture and flame tests required by the EN1073-2 standard
  • The product passed the EN14126:2003 anti-infective agent test
  • Internally stitched externally heat-sealed for added seam strength and better protection from liquids, particles and many chemicals
  • The double-layer zipper design improves the tightness of the product and further enhances the protection performance
    The design of knee pads and shoe covers has been added, and the knee pads have obtained a utility model design patent, which meets the various needs of users
  • Comfortable and secure style design, three-piece hood and tri-angle crotch design enhances wearing comfort

Product Applications

Transportation and handling of chemicals and hazardous waste
Chemical manufacturing
Synthetic materials
Acid and alkali chemicals and environmental treatment
Virus and contamination Contaminant Area Protection Treatment
Biochemical protection
Site survey
Industrial Cleaning Operations
Nuclear industry radioactive Particulate matter and dust Dust Protection

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