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Fabric Structure

6940 fabric

HG6940 is made of polyethylene (PE) coated fabric, and the inner layer is strong antistatic PP non-woven fabric; it can provide excellent protection against many harmful chemicals.

Protective Class

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Internal sewing, external heat-sealed tape, increase seam strength, more effective protection against liquids and particles.

Product Features

The fabric is an organic combination of high-performance polyethylene film and polypropylene polymer. The excellent ratio further enhances the performance of the product. It is suitable for strong acid, strong alkali chemicals and environmental treatment, and is also widely used in petrochemical, chemical manufacturing and biochemical protection etc.

  • Can effectively protect a variety of liquid chemicals
  • No silicone oil, no formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances
  • Meet EN1149-5 antistatic requirements
  • Meet the puncture and flame resistance test required by EN1073-2 standard
  • The product passed the EN14126:2003 anti-infectious agent test
  • Bright yellow color improves visibility and safety for the wearer
  • Internally sewn externally heat-sealed for increased seam strength for greater protection against liquids, particulates and many chemicals
  • The double-layer zipper design improves the tightness of the product and further enhances the protective performance
  • The design of knee pads and shoe covers has been added, and the knee pads have obtained a utility model design patent, which meets the various needs of users
  • Comfortable and safe style design, three-piece cap and crotch gusset design improve wearing comfort

Product Applications

Chemical Manufacturing
synthetic material
Acid-base chemicals and environmental treatment
Virus and pollutant area protection treatment
Biochemical protection
Site survey
Industrial Cleaning Operations
Nuclear industry radioactive particles and dust prevention

Product Parameters

Physical propertiesStandardHG6940Biological propertiesStandardHG6940
Wear resistanceEN ISO 12974-2/EN5303Penetration resistant to synthetic bloodISO 16603:20046
Bending stiffnessISO 7854:19956Resistance to penetration by blood pathogensISO 16604:20045
TearingEN ISO 9073-4:19973Resistant to solid particle penetrationISO 22612:20053
StretchingEN ISO 13934-1:19992Resistant to liquid aerosol penetrationISO/DIS 22611:20033
BurstEN 863:19952Resistant to penetration of liquid bacteriaEN ISO 22610:20066
IgnitationEN 13274-4:2001PASS
AdhesionEN 25978:1990NO
Chemical propertiesStandardHG6940Whole Clothing PropertiesStandardHG6940
30% sulfuric acidEN ISO 6530:20053Inward leakage of the whole c lothingEN ISO 13982:2004PASS
10% sodium hydroxideEN ISO 6530:20053 Whole clothing spray testEN ISO 17491-4:2008PASS
O-xyleneEN ISO 6530:20053seam strengthEN ISO 13935-2:19993
ButanolEN ISO 6530:20053
30% sulfuric acidEN ISO 6529:20016
96% sulfuric acidEN ISO 6529:20016
98% sulfuric acidEN ISO 6529:20016OthersStandardHG6940
10% sodium hydroxideEN ISO 6529:20016Anti-staticEN1149-1:2006Pass for double sides
40% sodium hydroxideEN ISO 6529:20016PHEN ISO 3071:2006Pass
50% sodium hydroxideEN ISO 6529:20016
85% phosphoric acidEN ISO 6529:20016
37% hydrochloric acidEN ISO 6529:20016
70% nitric acidEN ISO 6529:20016

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