Jinan High -tech Zone Enterprise “Full Firepower” guarantees the supply of medical supplies

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Jinan High -tech Zone Enterprise “Full Firepower” guarantees the supply of medical supplies
2020-02-03 10:04:25 Source: Volkswagen · Poster News Author:

Volkswagen.com · Poster News Jinan, February 3 (Reporter Jiang Bingyang) From the mask to the protective suit … In the past few days, with the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments of the Jinan High -tech Zone, the production enterprises in the area under their jurisdiction over overcome the shortage of workers and the tension of raw materials Waiting for difficulties and uninterrupted production, building an epidemic prevention barrier for the people.


On February 2, in the production workshop of  JINAN WINHEALTH  Co., Ltd. located in Jinan High-tech Zone, accompanied by the roar of machines, the workshop was a busy scene, and more than 40 production personnel were carrying out medical protection in an orderly manner. production of clothing.


The reporter learned that after Jinan Winhealth Co., Ltd. received the resumption of work on February 1, it started to produce protective clothing that meets EU standards on the same day. The protective clothing produced will be sent to the front line of Jinan to fight against the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection at the fastest speed.” At present, there are about 3,000 pieces of protective clothing produced daily. JINAN WINHEALTH Co., Ltd. told reporters: “Jinan High-tech Zone Relevant departments actively coordinated, opened up green channels in transportation, issued special vehicle passes, etc., and created positive and favorable conditions for production and transportation. At the same time, the company strictly implements the personnel monitoring measures stipulated by the relevant state departments, sterilizes and disinfects the production site every day, and commutes to and from work four times a day in the morning and afternoon. The temperature measurement point is used to measure the temperature of the employees every day, and the account records are kept. To ensure the health and safety of workers returning to work, if employees are blocked from traveling, the sub-district office will also provide support and provide guarantee certificates to ensure that employees can go to work and produce.


After the event of the epidemic prevention campaign, in order to cooperate with the re -production and production of enterprises, relevant departments of Jinan High -tech Zone in time understand the needs and difficulties of medical supplies manufacturers in the area in the area in the area in raw materials, employment, logistics transportation, and re -production during the Spring Festival. Production enterprises provide good factor guarantee and “nanny -type” intimate services to help manufacturers solve practical difficulties, ensure that the enterprise is safe and smooth to resume work and serve the front line of resistance.

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