Jinan Quancheng Customs has taken multiple measures to support the high-level opening and high-quality development of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone!

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Release time: 2020-05-27 11:13
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Two years ago, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Shandong, he gave important instructions on solidly promoting high-quality development. Implement the spirit of the general secretary’s inspection of Shandong, reform and innovate Jinan Quancheng Customs, and creatively launch a number of policies such as pilots for general VAT taxpayers to solve business blockages and difficulties, and effectively allow enterprises to enjoy the sense of gain of real money and promote Jinan’s comprehensive High-quality development in the bonded area.

In the mask workshop of Jinan Winheaklth Protective Products Co., Ltd. in the Jinan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, multiple machines are running at the same time, and several workers in protective clothing are busy. Sister Liu, a worker, said that one machine here produces more than 80,000 masks a day.
Winhealth Protection has been in the Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone for 10 years. It mainly produces non-medical masks and protective clothing, and does export processing business. At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, foreign orders decreased, while orders in the domestic mask market surged. As a pure export company, Saiqi encountered difficulties. Bi Min, manager of Jinan Saiqi Protective Products Co., Ltd.: “The production capacity of masks is 300,000 pieces a day, and 5,000 pieces of protective clothing. The products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan, and the United States. During the epidemic, how we, as an enterprise in the bonded area, can sell domestically has become a problem. “

If the problem of exporting to domestic sales cannot be solved, it will be a loss to the enterprise and the domestic market. However, in the past, the examination and approval procedures for pure export enterprises to switch to domestic sales were cumbersome and took a long time. At the critical moment, the “Pilot Program for General Value-Added Tax Payers” launched by Quancheng Customs helped, and Saiqi quickly obtained the qualification to switch to domestic sales.

Cai Long, deputy director of Jinan Quancheng Customs: “The time for the filing acceptance of VAT general taxpayer pilot enterprises and the establishment of bonded special electronic account book review has been shortened from 5 working days to the completion of the same day. Promote the launch of the non-bonded module of the comprehensive bonded zone auxiliary management system , Simplify the process of entering and exiting the zone for domestic raw materials and finished products for domestic sales.”

The switch from export to domestic sales allowed Winheath to seize the market, quickly switch production and transformation, and enjoy real policy dividends. Bi Min settled an account for the reporter. “It started to show in March. In March and April, there will be five or six million yuan. The annual domestic sales transaction is expected to be 50 million. What is the concept? Only one tariff, 8% tariff, we have saved 4 million yuan, which has brought enterprises a lot of money. Boost. Real income of real money.”

Accelerate the reform and tackle tough problems, and promote the high-quality development of comprehensive bonded areas. Since last year, Jinan Quancheng Customs, one enterprise, one policy, precise service, and orderly promoted more than 20 measures to promote the development of the comprehensive bonded area, such as simplifying the entry and exit of the area, entrusted processing, and facilitating the circulation of goods. Actions to promote the solid promotion of the high-quality development instruction spirit in Jinan.

Cai Long, deputy director of Jinan Quancheng Customs: “This year, we have successively launched some pilot projects to promote the high-level opening-up and high-quality development of Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone and promote the Shandong Free Trade Zone. Production and construction will be beneficially promoted.”

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